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MLA Geotechnical Leadership

Timothy R. Weston, P.E.
President & Shareholder
Timothy R. Weston, P.E..jpg

With a bachelor's degree from Virginia Tech and master’s degree from the University of Texas, Mr. Tim Weston joined MLA Geotechnical in 1996. He provides the day-to-day project management and technical supervision of all engineering projects. His experience with the local conditions makes Mr. Weston a much sought-after expert for forensic engineering investigations.

Matthew (Matty) B. Weston
Vice President & Shareholder
Matthew (Matty) B. Weston.jpg

A graduate of the University of Texas, Mr. Matthew (Matty) Weston started with MLA Geotechnical in 2002 and has worked in every department for the company. He currently heads all laboratory and field operations for the firm.

Christopher P. Elliott.jpg

Mr. Chris Elliott started with MLA Geotechnical in 2003, manages all geotechnical projects and is a proud graduate of Colorado State University.

Christopher P. Elliott
Vice President & Shareholder
Nicholas J. Page, P.E. 
Director of Engineering & Shareholder
Nicholas J. Page, P.E..jpg

Mr. Nick Page has been an integral part of our engineering firm since 2016. Mr. Page has both field testing and design experience and brings a fresh perspective to problem solving in the area. He holds a degree in Civil Engineering from Clemson University.

Judge Jim Powers
Judge Jim Powers.jpg

Jim has always understood the power of relationships and their central role in business and politics. Building relationships with the right people can make the difference in cost, speed, and quality.  He has applied the business acumen he has cultivated over 40 years to be a thriving entrepreneur in the Central Texas region.  Jim served as Hays County Judge from 1998 to 2006 and served on the Board of Director’s for both the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority and the Pedernales Electric Cooperative.  He is the founder and CEO of a thriving consulting company, J.L. Powers & Associates.

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