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Growing With Central Texas

MLA Geotechnical maintains our corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas, gratefully serving our Central Texas community for over 50 years. Begun as Snowden & Meyers, Inc. in 1964, MLA Labs, Inc. was spun off as an independent firm in 1985, doing business as MLA Geotechnical to this day. Our firm has proudly provided testing, forensic analysis, and engineering services for the sleepy college town of the 1960s, the burgeoning New South city in the 1980s, the emerging tech hub in the 1990s, and today’s expanding metropolis and suburbs. Born and bred in Central Texas, our local ownership group is committed to working tirelessly to serve our region.

Proudly Local

Located where Hill Country limestone meets Blackland Prairie clay, Central Texas is home to some of the most unique and challenging soil conditions in the nation. These conditions can change drastically from block to block and even lot to lot within a project. Against this backdrop, MLA Geotechnical has over 50 years of local data collection, testing, and analysis of soil conditions, with hundreds of thousands of borings from Temple to San Antonio, College Station to Llano and all points in between. Our expertise in local conditions is unmatched and has enabled our clients to avoid costly design errors that can lead to cost overruns, redesign, or worse.

Our Philosophy

Successful construction projects may be made of concrete, rebar, and asphalt, but they are made by people. With that in mind, the guiding principle of MLA Geotechnical has always been to provide quality customer service for the people who design, construct, oversee, and own the projects we are associated with.  As a result, all senior staff are available for field meetings on short notice to discuss issues and solve problems. All field personnel are certified, friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable in their area of expertise. And every staff member works to creatively solve issues that arise during design and construction at any hour, anywhere. A steadfast commitment to engineering integrity, availability, creative problem solving, and customer service are the hallmarks of MLA Geotechnical.

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